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Introduction To Customized Process of Hook and Loop Tape?

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At present, there are many types and specifications of hook and loop tape, which can basically meet the actual needs of most buyers. However, for those buyers with special needs, ordinary specifications may not be able to meet their requirements. At this time, customized production is a simple and direct method. What is the process of one-to-one customized production? Next, I'll give you a brief introduction.

1. Provide solutions: the buyer asks for the size, width, thickness and color of the hook and loop tape. The manufacturer evaluates the size, width, thickness and color of the hook and loop tape according to its actual situation and the current project progress, and puts forward corresponding solutions.

2. Determine the scheme: including the overall price, total output, production cycle, i.e. start time and end time of production, transportation time and other aspects. After the discussion between both parties, a customized contract will be signed and a small part of the deposit will be handed in.

3. The buyer determines the sample: send the sample to the buyer for inspection. If the buyer has any opinion, the manufacturer will make corresponding improvement and send it again; if satisfied, contact the customer for mass production.

4. Carry out mass production: the manufacturer will carry out mass production in strict accordance with the samples, complete the production work on time and on time, and ensure that each volume of hook and loop tape meets the buyer's requirements.

5. Arrange transportation: according to the telephone number and address provided by the buyer, and provide the corresponding waybill number, so that the buyer can understand the logistics situation in real time. Of course, the buyer will be contacted in advance for confirmation, so as to avoid the buyer's need to change the destination and time.

6. Buyer's re inspection: after face-to-face inspection and confirmation, the buyer and the manufacturer shall sign and keep the original contract. If the buyer has any questions and problems in the later stage, they can contact customer service at any time, and the manufacturer will timely feed back and solve them, and provide lifelong consulting service to ensure the quality of service.

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