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The Function and Application of Hook and Loop Tape In Daily Life

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In daily life, as a necessary artifact for home travel, hook and loop tape has three basic functions: fixation, binding and decoration. The following three basic functions are analyzed in detail.



In summer, it can be used to fix anti mosquito screen window. One side of hook and loop tape is pasted on the corresponding window frame, and the other side is pasted on the screen window. The screen window is fixed by using the super adhesive force generated by the combination of loop surface and hook surface, so as to achieve the effect of mosquito prevention. Moreover, this kind of viscosity can be maintained for a long time. If it is used normally, it can be used for several years. Similar applications, such as the fixation of carpet commonly used at home, the fixation of sofa cover and cushion, etc., are all based on the basic function of hook and loop tape.

 Hook and Loop Cable Tie

Binding Storage Function

The binding and sorting function of hook and loop tape is also often used by us. For example, we use hook and loop tape to sort out the messy wires and data lines in the home, roll them up and tie them together with hook and loop tape, which not only beautifies the visual experience, but also arranges the space.


Decorative Function

At present, there are many different colors of color hook and loop tape on the market. We can use these colorful hook and loop tapes to make beautiful patterns and patterns, which can be used to decorate the walls and doors and windows of the family, and also can be used to make the bandage of the gift box for decoration.

hook and loop tape

To sum up, hook and loop tape is widely used in daily life because of these three functions.

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