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Installation Method of Hook and Loop Tape Screen

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In the summer, I believe that we all need to use the screen, there are many kinds of screen, but for most kinds of screen window, installing screen window and cleaning screen net are big projects. Hook and loop tape mosquito screen is a new type of screen window, which can save a lot of work for installing and cleaning the screen window. How to paste the hook and loop tape screen window?

Hook and Loop Tape Screen

1. First, stick the hook surface of the hook and loop tape to the frame of the screen window, measure the length of each frame, and then cut it.
2, hook and loop tape hook slowly pasted on the border, as far as possible to stick straight, because it is difficult to adjust after crooked.
3. You can stick it on one side and fix it. After measuring the length, you must press it slowly and firmly.
4. Cut the hook and loop tape gauze to the appropriate size, and measure the required mesh size area according to the outer frame size of the target window or door.
5. Apply the wool of the hook and loop tape to the four sides of the mesh.
6. If you don't think it's very firm to stick the gauze directly, you can nail it on the hook and loop tape with a stapler. Our adhesive hook and loop tape is a strong adhesive, which will not fall off easily.
7. Fit the net on the window frame, and make the rough surface and hook face neat.


Finally, after the screen window is installed, we can have a close look at the effect of the free cutting gauze. If there are some edge burrs that are not beautiful, we can cut them all by ourselves; if there are some redundant parts of some adhesive hook and loop tapes exposed, we can also cut them off.


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