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What are the precautions for wearing kn95 respirator mask

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Kn95 respirator mask should be familiar to all of us. We often use it in our daily life. At present, there are more and more kinds of masks in the market. The environment and use of different kinds of masks are also different.
According to the survey, many people are very resistant to kn95 respirator mask. They say that kn95 respirator mask has poor air permeability and long-term wearing will lead to poisoning. Is that true? In fact, most of the time, users do not follow the normal operation to use, resulting in such consequences.
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First of all, the use of kn95 respirator mask is regulated. The wearing of the mask is too tight, which often leads to ear discomfort, which is the cause of irregular operation. In addition to the wearing for a long time, the material density of the KN95 respirator mask is large, and the permeability becomes poor. After a long time of inhalation and exhalation of carbon dioxide, oxygen deficiency and dizziness are everywhere.

And in the winter of the north, almost no windows are opened in the room. More people in the room will naturally produce more carbon dioxide, which is even more serious with kn95 respirator mask. Therefore, what kind of mask to choose, what environment to use, and how to use it correctly are all issues to be considered before purchasing the Kn95 respirator mask.

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