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What is the filtering principle of medical mask?

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Masks are one of the most commonly used daily products in our daily life, and we are all familiar with them. In fact, there are many kinds of masks. Today I will introduce the filtering principle of medical mask
medical mask
Brownian motion: due to the small size of particles, they are vulnerable to the constant impact of other gas molecules, resulting in the irregular Brownian motion of their motion trajectory, so they are adsorbed on the fiber surface, the smaller the particles are, the stronger the effect is; the intercepting particles are too large to penetrate the gap of the fiber, and then directly captured by the fiber surface, and the larger the particle size, the better the particle filtering effect of the mask.
medical mask
Inertial impact is the continuous nature of particle movement. If the gas and suspended particles impact the filter cloth or filter material at the same speed, the gas will change its flow direction along with the holes in the filter material. At this time, the larger particles will still maintain the original flow direction due to inertia, so they impact on the filter material to achieve the filtering function. The larger the mass and the faster the particles are, the better the filtering effect is.

Electrostatic attraction: the fiber is charged, the very fine particles are attracted to the fiber surface, and the smaller the particle size and the lighter the mass are, the particles are more easily attracted;
Sedimentation: the direct sedimentation caused by the gravity of the particle itself, which is captured by the filter material; the larger the mass, the more opportunities.

When choosing the medical mask, we should look at the executive standard of the mask, observe the packaging and body of the product, and see if there is a clear and recognized executive standard.
1.The medical protective mask complies with GB19083-2003,
2.Medical surgical mask meets the standard of yy0469-2004
3.Disposable medical masks shall comply with YY / T 0969-2013

In addition, most of the medical masks are disposable and cannot be cleaned and reused after use. If you find that the medical masks have expired, you should also replace them with new ones immediately

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