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Malaysia's national policy of blockade may lead to the shortage of medical gloves

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Covid-19 epidemic continues to spread all over the world. Many medical institutions are suffering from the shortage of masks, protective clothing and other medical protective equipment. Even the medical gloves used by medical and cleaning personnel every day, which are also anti epidemic materials, may be out of stock.
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At present, nearly two-thirds of the global production of latex gloves is from Malaysia. However, Malaysia has also recently been impacted by the covid-19 epidemic, announced the implementation of the national blockade strategy, and entered a one month limit state, which greatly reduced the production of gloves. Due to the reduction of rubber production, the price of latex, the main raw material, has increased by 5% since December 2019, the labor cost has also increased, and the operating rate of manufacturing plant will be reduced by half, so it is expected that the price of gloves will increase.

In addition, the New York Times reported on 23 this month that the key to South Korea's successful response to covid-19 is not expensive technology, but simple tools such as latex gloves and cotton sticks. Biogenetics, a South Korean latex glove maker, soared.
medical gloves
In addition, due to the global shortage of epidemic prevention materials, the demand for various high-quality latex gloves is growing

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