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Do You Know How To Lose Weight and Thin Waist?

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The waist has always been the easiest part of women to gather fat, because it is difficult to move to the waist in daily life. How to make the figure change better, waist is an important index.

Next, I will tell you what we should do in our life, so that we can lose weight and thin waist better, so that our waist fat will no longer be hoarded.

1. Drink more water. Drinking more water can help you metabolize toxins in your skin during exercise. Try to avoid drinking a lot of water after 8:00 p.m., which will cause edema. Many people's waist and abdomen fat accumulation is actually caused by the low metabolic rate of the size of this part. Drinking as much water as possible can help remove the toxins accumulated in the intestinal tract, which is conducive to detoxification, but also can accelerate gastrointestinal motility and improve abdominal blood circulation.

2. The process of eating three meals normally to lose weight is based on exercise. Three meals are the guarantee of the heat needed for exercise. If you go on a diet and exercise again, you will only increase your appetite after exercise, and you will eat more.

3. Lunch should be finished before 3 o'clock at the latest. I enjoy the precious lunch every day. Every day, I wait for noon, and my colleagues laugh at me. I seriously say, that super precious meal, of course, must be full. We usually eat in the canteen of our unit. I order 4 vegetables and half a bowl of rice. We don't eat meat. Because pork has a lot of calories, we don't eat it if we can. I'm full at noon every day, and I'm not hungry in the afternoon. I suggest you enjoy the lunch, but try to finish it before 11:40.

4. Eat less dinner. There are many women who eat breakfast casually, have a full lunch, and often eat plenty in the evening. This is bound to cause a balanced diet, coupled with less activity at night, so that fat can be stored, the abdomen gradually revealed. In the evening, before eating, you can eat some fruit and drink a glass of water. First, dilute the gastric juice, and occupy part of the stomach capacity, which will reduce the discomfort caused by controlling the total amount of food. For people who weigh more than normal, the proportion of a day's diet should be adjusted.

5. Don't eat pasta, egg yolk, potatoes, taro and fried foods. Not only are there some calories, some are not easy to digest, so don't eat them. I haven't touched them at all. Every afternoon, the body metabolizes fastest, so eat before 11:30. Before 6:00 p.m., eat some porridge and vegetables. If the horse doesn't eat the night grass, it's not fat. So after the last meal, you can't eat anything, even a small plum.

6. Do more small movements. I used to be lazy. I had to drive everywhere. Now I go out basically by walking or squeezing the bus. When I walk and stand, I have to suck my stomach tightly. The unit is relatively close. When you walk to work every day, you must carry a bottle of 2l water in your hand. Don't underestimate the action of lifting things, which consumes calories. The first place I lose weight is my stomach and waist.

7. Have regular work and rest rules, and have a fixed meal time and sleep time every day. For example, if you eat at 12:00 a.m., you eat 11:30 in advance and go to bed before 12:00 p.m. in this way, the regular daily work and rest meal time can help you lose weight successfully.

8. Do not eat too soon and fully chew food, eat more food rich in magnesium and calcium, because magnesium and calcium help to fight tension, and is beneficial to digestion, can prevent excessive fat storage, reduce the chance of abdominal bulge.

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