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How many pounds of resistance band is suitable for boys?

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Because of the physical differences between boys and girls, there is a difference in the resistance value used in the training of the resistance band. The muscle strength of girls is worse than that of boys. Boys should increase their training weight when performing weight-bearing exercises for fitness resistance band to make their fitness effects more obvious. So how to choose the weight of the resistance band?
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First of all, when we choose the resistance value, we must choose according to our actual situation. The resistance value suitable for different boys is not necessarily the same, so the weight we choose must be suitable for ourselves. For example, we use two resistance bands with different resistance values for training. For the first resistance band, we can stretch up to 15 times, but in the second training, we can only do 8 times. Obviously the second A resistance band with a resistance value is a bit too big for your training intensity. It exceeds our own weight, so the damage to the muscles will be greater.
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In short, when we choose the weight, the most standard is that this elastic band can continue to do 8-10 times of training, and then reduce the weight by 40%-50% on this basis, so as to have a fitness effect.

Secondly, according to the above exercise data, boys should be cautious in choosing the pounds of elastic bands in the market. According to the different physiques of boys and girls, boys have stronger strength than girls, so we boys should choose to control the weight at about 20 pounds. Girls will have to choose an elastic band of about 12 pounds. The elastic band is a training mode that accumulates times. If the weight is too large, the training times will be reduced and the training intensity will change, and the effect will be insignificant

When choosing the resistance band, it is recommended to choose a larger weight from the resistance value that suits you. This is because our trainers tend to stretch the resistance band very long during exercise, which is several times longer than the original. If the elasticity is poor, it will not stimulate our target muscles strongly, making us If the elasticity is large, the resistance to us will increase, so that the stimulation of the target muscles will be strengthened, and the effect will be better.

When we choose fitness resistance band, don't just buy it because it is convenient to carry. We must consider three aspects of portability, weight, and pulling force, all of which are indispensable. Don't blindly pursue entourage. I will use whatever weight my friend uses, because there are differences in the body of any person, and bodybuilders of the same sex have differences in their physical constitutions.

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