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Is it necessary to wear waist trainer corset when exercising?

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For people who keep fit all year round, the most fear is injury. Once injured, they should rest for a long time, in order to wait for the injured position to recover.

Many people don't know how to protect themselves when they exercise, and their knees have been injured to varying degrees. The breasts are also smaller because they don't know how to protect themselves from wearing sports underwear. For these reasons, it is necessary for us to pay attention to the protection of sports.

Most girls hope that their figure is mysterious and moving. A lot of time will choose to do hip exercise, practice buttock.

Hip exercise, the first time we think of squat. We are also very willing to squat, after all, there is a saying: no squat, no buttock raising. But many people have ignored a point, do not know how to do squat in the case of abdomen, will cause great damage to the waist.

In fact, not only squat, but also flat support, hard pull and other actions will unconsciously collapse the waist. The waist collapse is the biggest damage to the waist. In this case, we need more external protection. After all, not everyone has been around the gym for years and can't see whether their posture is correct in the mirror.

At this time, we need professional protective equipment.
latex waist trainer
This is the waist trainer corset of hongxiangwen company. Soft and textured.

This waist trainer corset has nine steel bones for support, and the steel bone itself is very flexible.

This one is 2xs. (the model's waistline is 55cm)
latex waist trainer
After putting it on, it's hard to bend over. After all, it's supported by steel bone.

Wear wasit trainer corset to do core sports, the effect will be better, you can really feel the ribs have inward feeling, and it is easier to find the point of rib retraction.

It feels bigger when you do squats. Usually, there is a slight waist collapse when doing squatting. When wearing waist trainer corset, you can clearly feel that the waist is fixed, and there will be no waist collapse when squatting down.

Exercise is important, but learning to protect yourself is more important.

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