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Generally, we use dumbbells to exercise, but fitness resistance bands can also achieve the same effect. The greater the application range of fitness resistance bands, the greater the resistance. Just in line with the principle of fitness and muscle. Fitness resistance bands are no longer for women, and many men are also using them.

 resistance band

1. Grip with both hands
This is the basic movement used by the elastic band. Hold the elastic band with both hands and pull it out. Pull it to a position where it cannot be pulled, then shrink the shoulder blades and hold it at the peak position for about 3 seconds before returning to the original position. The elastic band facial muscles can exercise our trapezius and deltoid muscles.

fitness resistance band

2. Push up
First of all, the fitness resistance bands are crossed and placed behind the shoulder blades, and then the normal push-up action is performed, which increases the resistance of the original push-up, and also exercises our chest muscles very well.

fitness resistance bands

3. Hip flexion and extension
This is also a common action of fitness resistance bands. When using fitness resistance bands, the initial position is slightly ahead of the original position. Keep your feet wide, your feet wider than your shoulders, and your back parallel to the ground. Then pull the fitness resistance bands out. This action is basically our buttocks, which can exercise our gluteus maximus and hamstrings very well.

resistance band set

4. Standing single arm pull down
Naturally, stand in front of fitness resistance bands, stand back and forth with feet, and then tie the upper side of our arms with fitness resistance bands. Pull your elbows forward and rotate down toward your abdomen. This movement exercises the muscles on both sides of the back.

resistance band

5. Shoulder press
This is also a very practical action of fitness resistance bands. We step on the fitness resistance bands with our feet and pull them apart. The width of our feet is greater than the width of our shoulders. Then pull up the fitness resistance bands with both hands to the highest position that we can pull, keep the three side movement, and slowly restore the original initial action. This action is very good exercise of the human deltoid.

resistance band

6. Hamstring curl
This is also very popular among fitness people. Prepare a fitness stool, and then we sit on the stool, and the fitness resistance bands bind our feet. At this time, the fixed position of fitness resistance bands is higher than that of fitness resistance bands. Then do the leg flexion and extension. When the leg is bent, hold the action for 2 seconds. This action is very good to exercise our hamstring muscles.

resistance band

Conclusion: it is suggested that one group should do the above actions ten times, two groups a day. This can exercise our muscles very well. Fitness resistance bands and dumbbell exercises have their own advantages. I hope you can use fitness resistance bands reasonably, because it has a higher safety factor than dumbbells.

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