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Is silicone gas mask reliable? What are the criteria for choosing masks?

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Recently, the 2019 ncov epidemic has spread all over the world. With the consumption of medical materials and protective equipment, the demand and quality of masks has become a hot topic. At present, many people can not buy disposable masks, and some people buy poor quality masks. In this case, it is necessary for us to understand the relevant technical standards of masks. In addition, silicon gas mask is a good alternative to disposable masks, which can be used repeatedly. Compared with disposable masks, silicon gas mask deserves attention for it's longer service life.
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How to distinguish masks: according to which standards?

From the current situation, the higher the dust level, the better. According to China's national standards, dust masks must comply with gb2626-2006. Dust masks are divided into kn100, kn95 and Kn90. Among them, kn100 can achieve nearly 100% (99.97% above) protective effect on Ultrafine dust. If the particle size is large, kn95 grade can be selected.

The protection effect depends on two aspects.

1.the filtration efficiency of filter cotton.
2.the air leakage rate after the mask and face are combined. Therefore, masks must be divided into size, regardless of size, the leakage rate of masks and faces varies from person to person.

The way of clearing dust: scientific selection of dust mask certified by gb2626-2006 standard is helpful to prevent lung injury.
1. Choose the double half mask type. The disposable mask is not suitable for long-term or occupational protection due to its high air leakage rate.
2. Select kn100 level. High dust environment provides better protection for the body.
3. Masks are in different sizes, which is extremely important. It is not recommended to buy the so-called universal masks, which are easy to leak.
4. There are two kinds of masks: covering nose and mouth, covering nose and jaw. The latter is recommended, which is relatively comfortable.
5. It is recommended to choose a smooth breathing mask. Some masks are designed with double filter cotton and double filter face, so they can breathe smoothly and have a long service life.
6. It is recommended to evaluate the quality, grade, comfort and economy of occupational protection, and select a good mask for effective prevention of pneumoconiosis.

What are the advantages and effects of silicon gas mask?
Silica gel mask has been developed for anti poison and anti fog in the early years. Silica gel mask has a relatively long service life and is soft and comfortable. Even if worn for a long time, it is not easy to cause allergic reactions. However, silica gel materials also have different degrees of hardness and softness. Masks with high hardness are easy to cause facial indentation, while those with low hardness may not be worn firmly, which is prone to air leakage.
According to our understanding, the current market known as anti haze silicone mask and silicone mask products, in fact, only the part pasted on the face is made of silica gel material, and the main part is made of plastic, which is filtered by filter box or filter. Because silica gel products have good skin affinity, non-toxic, tasteless, soft and comfortable, not aging and hard, easy to clean, durable and not deformed, repeated use can still ensure good adhesion, sealing and other advantages.

However, if the filtering part of silicone gas mask does not achieve multi-layer filtering at the same time, it still uses filter cotton, such as synthetic fiber filter cotton, non-woven filter cotton, glass fiber filter cotton, activated carbon filter cotton, etc., which can not reach the standard for virus filtering. So whether it's Silicone gas mask or ordinary mask, the important problem or the middle filter element problem.
At present, most silicone gas mask is mainly made of filter material, filter channel, exhaust valve, silica gel face seal cover and face seal cover, which are all made of silica gel material to prevent harmful gas from leaking into the mask. After special design, the filter channel of the transverse filter chamber is extended, PM2.5 dust is effectively filtered, and the harm of air to human body is reduced. The selection of silica gel masks is that they can be used repeatedly and have a long service life It's long, just need to change the filter cotton of the middle part of filter element. It's different from the ordinary mask in that it uses food grade environmental protection silica gel material and pacifier, which is similar to children's gum material. It's soft and comfortable without harm to the skin. After use, the silica gel part can be disassembled, steamed and disinfected, and used repeatedly. There's no fear of bacteria growing in the contact surface with the skin!

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