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Northwest rubber and plastics institute emergency production new silicone mask

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Under the situation of tight epidemic situation and insufficient melt blown cloth in the production of masks nationwide, northwest rubber and plastic research and Design Institute was ordered to rapidly switch to produce a new type of silicone mask, which can be reused. The mask products that can be used for a lifetime are expected to complete 600000 products by the end of March, and can be made into a complete mask after the filter screen and mask belt are installed later.
silicone mask
According to the technicians, the new mask material not only solves the problem of insufficient production capacity of the existing mask, but also improves the disinfection and sterilization ability of the mask and prolongs the use time of the mask.

It is the most intuitive feeling of this silicone mask that it is softness and good fit. The main reason is that it is made of high-quality food grade silica gel, which can be reused in water washing and high-temperature cooking.

That is to say, a family can buy a silicone mask, which can be worn repeatedly all the time.
silicone mask
It is reported that silicone mask will not only not cause skin allergy, but also relieve the pressure on the opposite side of mask, making it comfortable to wear. In addition, N95 mask of professional grade is not used in filtering performance, and the filtering efficiency is over 98%.

Considering the different size of each person's face, this silicone mask is designed as s-size and m-Size.

Our silicone mask also has two styles, S and M. S size is suitable for children, 8 * 8cm; M size is 11 * 12cm, suitable for adults. Each silicone mask is provided with 15 kn95 filter elements. The filter element is recommended to be replaced every 2 days.

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