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New KN95 silicone mask will soon be listed for anti-epidemic.

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Since the outbreak of the 2019-nCoV epidemic, global medical and personal protective materials, especially masks, have been in short supply, and the demand for masks has increased explosively. With the increasing demand for disposable masks and medical n95 masks, factories around the world have begun to manufacture masks on a large scale. During this severe period, the role of silicones has also come into practical use. Silicone mask is currently available. Several brands started selling.
silicone mask
Silicone rubber raw materials have excellent environmental protection, food-grade standards, good transparency, high and low temperature aging resistance, high mechanical performance strength and other outstanding performance, and are widely used in the production of various medical masks, medical fittings, special labor protection products and personal care products. The main advantage of the silicone mask is that it can be used repeatedly, and the intermediate hot-melt cloth can be replaced, which saves a lot of costs.

At present, KN95 silicone mask has begun to popularize. It mainly adopts a 5-layer filter design, which efficiently filters bacteria, droplets, dust and other substances that remain in the air, and the filtration efficiency reaches 95%. Its main process is liquid injection molding and solid compression molding. The material is produced and processed with food-grade environmentally friendly gas-phase adhesive, which can reach the material of baby pacifier, safe and environmentally friendly, and skin-friendly and comfortable. Silicone products do not deform when boiled at high temperature, and can be reused after simple replacement of the filter element.
silicone mask
In the coming year, the demand for masks will gradually approach saturation. Disposable masks cannot be used after the shelf life has expired. Silicone rubber is different and can be stored for a long time. In addition, the silicone mask can be reused, the cost is relatively cheaper.

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