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Evaluation of Hongxiangwen portable ski boot helmet bag

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This is a handy ski boot helmet bag from Hongxiangwen. Combined with the concept of household outsourcing, the utility of outdoor bag and the functionality of ski boot bag, the ski boot helmet bag is the best choice to start skiing season.

ski bag

As our new ski bag series, it features a simple appearance and beautiful colors. Full Zip design and unique carrying system make this back comfortable all the time. Whether it's skiing or cycling, it can cope with it.

Innovative lanyard design simplifies bag opening. The double-sided retractable zipper provides you with more variable storage space. U-lock pocket and waterproof fabric complete the function of the backpack.

ski bag

HXW ski bag series, tailored for most ski lovers, has a fashionable appearance and practical functions. The ski boot helmet bag adopts different cabin design, which can effectively integrate various types of skis and common tools; at the same time, it designs a comfortable backpack based on skiing dynamics. A wide range of awareness has been established among ski enthusiasts.

ski bag

The ski boot helmet bag features larger capacity: the latest full open design makes loading and unloading more convenient; the more simplified bag shape, complete and efficient functions make it easy to fix single board, double board and ski helmet; the new open design can also meet your more demanding choices.

"HXW" not only represents career, but also is gradually becoming the synonym of fashion. Among them, the newly introduced concept of business package makes this ski boot helmet bag features excellent backpack experience and the best load-bearing effect; The ski boot helmet bag series adds bright colors and improves details secretly; the HXW ski boot helmet bag has been boldly tried and improved to make it more suitable for daily wear and enter life.

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