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What Are The Reasons For The Popularity Of Hook Loop Straps?

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Hook loop strap, also known as hook loop fastener, is widely used in various industries. Next, I will explain the reasons why hook loop straps are popular.

1. The hook loop strap has strong stickiness and good firmness. Hook loop straps not only have strong adhesiveness, but also have a long service life for opening and closing. Therefore, they are often used to replace buttons, zippers and fastening, which can make the articles bond and fix. Magic tape has the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation, self-locking and easy to use. It is often used to fix the internal wiring of computers, electronic products, toys, etc.

2. Environmental protection, non-toxic and protective. After special treatment, hook loop strap has the characteristics of flame retardant, high temperature resistance, soft texture and no stimulation. It can not only achieve basic adhesion and fixation, but also protect the skin without causing damage to the skin.

3. It is beautiful, easy to operate and plays a decorative role. The color of hook loop strips is rich, and the appearance is beautiful after different dyeing processes. Take the curling tape and bangs made of hook loop strips, which are not only very beautiful in appearance, but also made of fine hook surface, which is easy to take off from the hair. It can be divided into slitting, back glue, die cutting, punching and silk screen printing according to customers' requirements.

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