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Various Production and Processing Methods of Hook Loop Straps

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Various Production and Processing Methods of Hook Loop Straps


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1. Adhesive hook loop refers to the finished hook loop, which is based on the ordinary hook loop itself, dissolves the glue on the back of the ordinary hook loop strap and pastes a layer of oily release paper, which is the finished hook loop.
2. Adhesive hook loop classification: ordinary hot-melt glue, its melting point is relatively point, suitable for low-temperature environment and winter use, its adhesion force is general, holding force is also relatively general; the other is high-temperature hot-melt adhesive, melting point is high, suitable for summer and some high-temperature machinery, adhesion is relatively strong, adhesion after holding is also relatively strong; There is a special product of 3M adhesive on the back!
3. Adhesive hook loop machine can be used for ordinary back glue processing and back-to-back lamination processing.
4. Ordinary gum processing can be used to process the size between 12.5-200 mm wide, and the common gum processing can process the following materials; ordinary hook loop gum, plastic hook back glue, flannel back glue, etc
5. Back to back processing materials can be: ordinary hook and paste flannel processing, plastic hook up flannel processing, ordinary hook and paste ordinary wool processing, etc.
6. The release paper of adhesive hook loop is usually white, and yellow paper, transparent paper and milky paper are rarely used. 
7. The deep processing of the adhesive hook loop can be divided into several types. The most common one is the direct delivery of 25m / roll; the other is the processing and slicing, which is cut into a certain length according to the customer's requirements; another is the punching, which is also carried out according to the customer's requirements; and there are some customers who need to use slitting when the width is irregular, Strip the wider material into the width required by customers, and some need deep processing such as slicing after slitting.
8. Generally, white paper can be divided into thickening and ordinary thickness. Ordinary thickness release paper is commonly used. If you don't say what kind of paper is used in production, the general production personnel will automatically give you the ordinary thickness.

9. Adhesive hook loop is suitable for household, paper packaging, stationery and other industries

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