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Do You Know How To Build A Strong Shoulder With A Resistance Band?

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Strong deltoid muscles can make your posture look better. It can modify the arm lines and shape the inverted triangle figure together with the back muscles to make the waist appear thinner. In addition, the developed deltoid muscles can also improve the efficiency of chest and back training, thereby improving overall sports performance.

In terms of deltoid muscle training, it is actually not complicated. In general, two movements can be solved. In the choice of weight-bearing method, the use of dumbbells, resistance bands and other small equipment can meet our needs. In addition, In terms of training methods, due to the particularity of the deltoid muscle, it is generally not recommended to challenge heavy weights for other training exercises except for the press. Instead, use a smaller weight to train in multiple sets. Therefore, exercise the deltoid muscle. There is no need to go to the gym, we can also do it at home.

Let’s share a set of shoulder training exercises using resistance band. Of course, in the specific training process, we also need to specifically arrange training exercises according to our training objectives and the development of each part of our deltoid muscle (such as arranging more back beams). Or middle beam movement) to complete the training.

Action 1: Standing, lifting the resistance band sideways (target: middle deltoid muscle)

resistance band
Action 2: Standing, lifting the resistance band forward (target: front deltoid)

resistance band
After fully warming up, start the formal training. During each action, you must focus on feeling the contraction and extension of the target muscle. Complete each action under the premise of ensuring the quality of the action. For about 45 seconds, 4-5 sets each time, stretch and relax after the training, do not stop immediately.

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