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How to choose the suitable waist trainer?

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A person's temperament, and posture has a great relationship! Whether it is standing, walking or sitting posture, if you can't maintain a good posture, temperament will be said, but also on the spine, lumbar spine and other aspects of great damage, so we must always remind ourselves of the waist and back straight, maintain the best posture! However, not everyone can do this, so it is necessary to wear a body shaping garment that can help you correct your wrong posture! What should waist trainer do? Here I will give you a few suggestions!


Waist trainer is different from other clothes, whichcan be worn in about the same size. Before you buy, you should know your height, weight and circumference, and choose the right size according to this. Don't believe the "one size fits all" waist trainer.

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Price is only one of the standards to measure, and shaping force and comfort are the ultimate standards to consider a piece of body shaper.


How to judge whether a waist trainer is good or bad?

It is recommended to read this purchase guide of waist trainer carefully.


01. It's not tight
I have repeatedly stressed to customers that waist trainer is not as tight as possible!


A good waist trainer must be evenly applied to all parts of the body, with uniform pressure on the whole body and a full range of fat binding.


Too tight waist trainer will cause excessive pressure on the body, not only easy to produce strangulation marks, but also may squeeze viscera due to excessive pressure, resulting in poor blood circulation and respiratory system discomfort.


02. Good resilience

A waist trainer that is too elastic or becomes loose after several times of wearing will not be able to shape, while a waist trainer without elasticity will often make people feel breathless.


Waist trainer, with strong resilience, can use the tension of the cloth itself to tie in fat without squeezing and pressing the body.

By testing the resilience of waist trainer, we can see that the fabric it uses, germanium mesh and fiber fabrics have good resilience, which are also high-end fabrics in the industry.


The higher the density of the textile process, the stronger the shaping force, you must look carefully when buying~


03. Good ventilation and moisture removal

As a close fitting underwear, waist trainer has good air permeability and moisture removal performance! The hot and greasy experience is a kind of torture to the body! The skin is unable to breathe for a long time, and it is easy to induce skin diseases such as swelling and inflammation.


The test of moisture and air permeability mainly depends on the fabric. Nylon and seaweed fabrics are water sensitive fabrics with super air permeability.


04. Fit body curve
The one-piece waist trainer is the best of all body shaping products, but an improperly tailored waist trainer can only make the body worse.


The chest design should have supporting force, not the elastic force of waist trainer acting on the chest, causing the chest shape to be squeezed and deformed; the buttocks should be able to lift the hip line and improve the flat mother's buttocks.


When trying waist trainer for the first time, it is recommended to choose waist trainer which is one size larger than the usual size, so that the body can initially adapt to the tightness of waist trainer.


It's not easy to find a waist trainer that is healthy, comfortable and suitable for you, but the beauty trick may be able to give you the one you want.


Five series waist trainer, up to 50 products, from L size to XXXXL size, with various styles and complete sizes, no matter what your body size, there is always one suitable for you.


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