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Do you know the role of waist trainer belt?

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Waist trainer belt is an auxiliary fitness product, which is often used by squatters and weightlifters. Do you know what the functions of waist trainer belt are? I will explain it to you below.

1, Waist trainer belt supports the waist

I believe that the vast majority of people will flash waist due to excessive force, and one of the functions of waist trainer belt is to support the waist, so as not to hurt the waist due to excessive exercise. Some functional waist trainer belts have metal plates on the back, which can effectively support the waist and protect the waist from injury.


2. The waist trainer belt can keep warm

The function of waist trainer belt is also heat preservation. In the fitness exercise, there will be a lot of sweating, and most people will not wear too many clothes when exercising, so the waist heat dissipation will easily make people cold, waist acid, low back pain and so on will appear, so the fitness waist support band has a certain insulation effect, making people's waist warmer and more comfortable.


3, Waist trainer belt can enhance the fitness effect

When using waist trainer belt, waist trainer will wrap around the waist. Because of the support of waist trainer, the stomach will squeeze waist trainer when breathing The inner volume of the abdominal cavity will be smaller, but the air pressure in the abdomen will be increased. So you will find that when lifting weights in squat, you can lift the weight that can not be lifted before, so as to strengthen the fitness effect and improve the training performance. Long term exercise will make your fitness performance better.


4, Waist trainer belt can increase the number of exercises

We have already mentioned the benefits of waist trainer belt, which can strengthen the fitness effect. Therefore, if you are under the same weight and pressure, you will complete more exercises.


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